The life of an aspiring Fashion Designer: AKA…..Moi

I never really used to ‘get’ blogs or understand why on earth anyone would want other people to know about their lives….then when I started University and started looking at various designers websites, I wanted to know more about their lives and what they got up to! I found reading their blogs – interesting and inspiring. So here goes….

First a bit of background info:

My only regret in life was not going to University and doing more to better myself….Iv never had any special talents and always thought I wouldn’t be talented enough for Uni but thankfully after much persuasion from my mum I decided to pursue my long time dream to study fashion design.  I managed to secure a place at Coleg Sir Gar, West Wales School of the Arts and after that it was 3 years of being on an emotional roller coaster! I couldn’t even sew or draw when I started, I took on many, MANY additional courses to help get me up to the standard of the other girls on my course.  I persuaded lots of  people to help me along the way, anyone who had skills that they could teach me, I would pester them! Still working at JCP Solicitors who were brilliant to keep me on, I was travelling 2 hours a day to Uni lectures then going back to go to work in the afternoon and then sometimes additional courses in the evening – it was quite tiring at times!

Getting my Degree was one of my most proudest days, all the blood, sweat and many tears were worth it! I finally did it 🙂 🙂


I pretty much always knew I wanted to be my own boss –mostly because I want to be in control of the type and style of work I produce and also I work my butt off and I want to be the one reaping the rewards!

Plenty of people have tried to talk me out of it and plenty have said a business like this won’t work in Pembrokeshire.  It doesn’t concern me what others think, Im just so happy to be working in a creative industry where yes there is uncertainty….. but also the possibility of a little bit of magic 🙂

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