Laura Deady: Fashion Illustrator for Jaxxon House



Laura Deady: ‘From a young age I have always loved to draw.  As time has passed my attention to the detail in a picture has strengthened, opening my eyes to see each section and the detail hidden within the picture instead of looking at the big picture and seeing objects.  I am some what a perfectionist and take great care to create each piece to the best of my ability, to make it as realistic as my skills will let me.  In doing so I have become my own worst critic.

In particular I specialise in people and animals.  It fascinates me how everyone’s appearances are so different when we all have the same basic features, which is why every inch is important enough to spend time concentrating on.  I love to create personal pieces because it makes each piece unique and special to the person its meant for.  Hopefully allowing them to relate on a personal level.

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